Check it out: BFI Gothic

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Last year, the British Film Institute “presented a nationwide season lifting the lid on a dark storehouse of the imagination, which found its heart in Britain and came to life on film”.

This meant the BFI organized screenings of Gothic films around the UK, but it also meant they established a page of their website dedicated to Gothic cinema! Even though their “Gothic season” is over, the webpage remains a great resource. It features lists of classic Gothic films (some of which you can watch on the site), links to interviews, and articles with titles like “10 Great Italian Gothic Horror Films” and “The Gothic Glamour of The Innocents”. It even has lesson plans for teaching Gothic film in the classroom (uh, dream job)!

Take a look here:

And you can play their game “A Gothic Dream” online, which literally seems like a Gothic dream filled with creepy Victorian mansions, ouija boards, gargoyles, and cemeteries, and every other Gothic trope imaginable.



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