Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination

‘Terror and Wonder’ by Dave McKean, 2014

‘Terror and Wonder’ by Dave McKean, 2014

It seems there has been a resurgence of interest in the Gothic Tradition as of late– and the UK is leading the way. The British Film Institute focused on Gothic film last year (as I wrote about here), and starting today, The British Library opens a massive exhibit on the Gothic Tradition: “Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination“.

From the event page: “Two hundred rare objects trace 250 years of the Gothic tradition, exploring our enduring fascination with the mysterious, the terrifying and the macabre. From Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Stanley Kubrick and Alexander McQueen, via posters, books, film and even a vampire-slaying kit, experience the dark shadow the Gothic imagination has cast across film, art, music, fashion, architecture and our daily lives.”

Wow. If you’re lucky enough to live in London, you better book your tickets now! The rest of us will have to settle for watching this wonderfully campy trailer for the exhibit:

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