Halloween Cocktails

Blood Orange Martini

Cocktail 1There are endless variations on this Halloween classic. Once you’ve settled on your recipe, you can pour shots in test tubes, syringes, and any number of clever blood-related packaging. Also try the similarly beautiful Blood Orange Margarita.

La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

La-LloronaJust look at this. It’s literally overflowing with ghostliness! The blogger who originally conjured up this drink explains that the cocktail is inspired by a very creepy ghost story that her grandmother used to tell her when she was little. *shudder*.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow CocktailI love theatricality of this cocktail– the presentation lives up to the mystery evoked by its name. Absinthe paired with a smoldering rosemary sprig? There’s definitely something weird, woodsy, and witchy going on here.

The Morticia

the morticiaIs this the queen of Gothic cocktails? It just might be. I mean, a drink with that name, served up in that tall fluted glass with a rim of black sugar? It couldn’t get any more deliciously wicked. I can totally imagine Morticia and Gomez relaxing with these elegant cocktails on a dark and stormy night.

The Conjuring

The conjuringAn eerie moniker for an eerie-looking cocktail. The way the black sambucca mixes with the white creme de cacau is mesmerizing. Looks like some potent brew– might conjure up some demons on its own.

Corpse Reviver

Corpse ReviverThe Corpse Reviver had to be on here, if only for its name. But this hair o’ the dog cure also has absinthe, which has always had slightly devilish associations, and the cloudy drink looks like it’s hiding a mysterious organ at the bottom. So, lots of reasons to consider it for your libations menu!

The Brain Hemorrhage

brain hemorrageThis, my friends, is the infamous brain hemorrhage cocktail (aka The Bloody Brain Shooter). This drink has the best effort-to-effect ratio of any drink I’ve seen– it takes about 20 seconds to mix the three ingredients and viola– your guests will be squealing with delight. Or disgust. Either way, this one is a must for the grown-up Halloween party.

Bleeding Heart Martini

Bleeding Heart MartiniThis macabre gem is from our girl Martha Stewart, who has quite a few ideas that are in that rare valley between cutesy and overly gory. This is one of those ideas. Yes, that beet is supposed to represent an impaled human heart. But no, it doesn’t actually resemble what it implies. The most disturbing thing about this drink is probably the fact that there is a pickled baby beet in gin and vermouth.

Halloween Pumpkin Punch

Pumpkin PunchThis rum-infused, totally autumnal punch looks great. A classy and not-so-scary way to treat guests at a Halloween/Samhain party or any other Fall event.

These are just a few of the countless Halloween drink ideas haunting the internet– is there an eerie, classy, delicious drink I didn’t mention? List your favorites below!


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