Candles of Curiosity: Dark, Sculptural Candles for your Inspiration

Skull candles new

A while back I was convinced that I was going to be a candlemaker. Seriously. I was totally enamored with the idea of making sculptural candles inspired by cabinets of curiosity– anatomically-correct skull candles, horn candles, hand candles, coral candles… so on. My candle company was going to be a worldwide sensation. Fast-forward two years and, surprise surprise, I’m not the head of a candle empire. But I still get excited whenever I come across images of dark, sculptural candles that embody that dark Victorian “curio” essence that I was going for. Feast your eyes on some of these beauties I’ve found throughout the years (I’ve embedded the link to the product in the photo when possible):

Candle 8

Candle 10

Candle 9

Candle 11

Candle 12

Candle 1

Candle 4

Candle 2

Candle 3

Candle 5

Candle 6

Candle 7

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