Decor: Dark and Decadent Wallpaper

What can add to the authenticity of a Gothic-inspired home more than the right wallpaper? Here is a compendium of sinister wallpapers featuring Gothic motifs, dark hues and luxurious textures. There are so many options they even warrant different categories!

Macabre Flora & Fauna

“Elysian Fields”  

Elysian feids

Elysian feilds 2

 “Bat and Poppy”

Trustworth Bat wallpaper


“Timorous Beasties – Thistle”
timorous beasties thistle 2

timorous beasties thistle 1

Gothic Fairytales

“Fairy Toile”fairy toile

fairy toile 2

“Maleficent by Barbara Hulanicki”maleficent 1



“Skulls Wallpaper”

skull paper 2.2

skull paper 2.1

“Skulls by Barbara Hulanicki”skull paper 1.2

skull paper 1


“Flamboyant”carta di parati

carta di parati 2


“Devil Damask Flock”Devil wallpaper



Also, most Damask wallpapers (at least in dark tones) have a Old World Gothic element to them. There are far too many options to list here, but a simple search will yeild a lot of examples!

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