Couples Costumes Inspired by Gothic Literature

Poe and Raven 1

Want to dress as a part of a gothic duo this Halloween, but don’t feel like buying sexy vampire costumes from Party City (the only thing you find when you google “gothic couples costume”)? Me neither. That’s why I’ve pulled together some couples costumes ideas plucked straight from the pages of Gothic literature. These easy-to- DIY costumes are suitable for any gender combination and will add a little bookish wit to any party you attend. Plenty of options for those of you flying solo this year, too! Scroll down for a chronological tour of literary characters.

Faust and Mephistopheles

Faust and M

Inspired by: Faust (German Legend, Goethe)

What you’ll need: Light colored medieval style (if possible) clothing / Black top and leggings, feathered diabolic cap, makeup.

Variations: Faust and Gretchen; Mephistopheles and the angel Gabriel.

Dr. Frankenstein and The Monster

Frankenstein and Monster

Inspired by: Frankenstein (1818)

What you’ll need: Victorian doctor’s attire / Tattered clothes and skillful makeup or a mask.

Variations: You can always opt for the far more popular pairing of the monster and his bride, or add an “Igor” character to the grouping.

Edgar Allen Poe and The Raven

Poe and Raven 3

Inspired by: The Raven (1845)

What you’ll need: A dark suit, handkerchief to tie around the neck, mustache, under-eye makeup (gotta look properly sleep deprived) / Black attire, makeup, mask, black feather embellishments everywhere!

Variations: Add a tell-tale heart like this adorable trio.

Jane Eyre and Bertha

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.57.56 PM

Inspired by: Jane Eyre (1847)

What you’ll need: Plain Victorian or Regency dress and updo / Nightgown or wedding dress and disheveled hair, makeup. Here’s an amazing tutorial on how to get the Bertha look!

Variations: Add or substitute Mr. Rochester.

Dr. Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde

Inspired by: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886)

What you’ll need: Nice suit or doctor’s coat, full “test tube” vial / Tattered suit/clothing, makeup, fake teeth, cane, empty vial.

Variations: These two characters can be pulled off by one person with some clever two-face makeup and a half and half costume.

Dorian Gray and his picture

Dorian Grey Costume 1

Inspired by: The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)

What you’ll need: An impeccable suit and makeup / Disheveled suit and makeup (lots of wrinkles!), grey hair, large picture frame.

Variations: Similar to Jekyll and Hyde, this good/evil type dichotomy can be pulled off by one person.

The Phantom and Christine

Phantom and Christine

Inspired by: The Phantom of the Opera (1909) by Gaston LeRoux

What you’ll need: Dark suit, the “phantom” mask / White turn of the century dress and long brown ringlets (wig or styled hair).

Variations: Christine and Raoul.

Other ideas? Add yours in the comments section.

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