What do I mean by Goth?

The word “Goth” is complex in its many meanings and associations. First being used to refer to Germanic conquerers in the Dark Ages, it became synonymous with “barbaric” or “crude”; was later used to refer to the architectural style of Medieval cathedrals and castles; came to describe a dark romantic literary style in the late 1700’s; and in the 20th century was used to define an underground aesthetic and music scene.

I am fascinated by all of these meanings. But I am particularly interested in the Gothic tradition stemming from The Castle of Otranto, and seek to explore how this aesthetic has infiltrated literature, film, and art over the centuries, and also how this particular aesthetic can be embodied by the individual (independent of the “goth” subculture). I will focus on how traces of the Gothic tradition appear in our culture today, and I will also write about fashion, décor, and other material goods that I think are in the spirit of the Gothic tradition in this historical sense.

Although I am a student of the Gothic tradition, I do not consider myself part of the goth subculture.

What do I mean by “Tasteful”?

I believe that what is subtle, complex, haunting, ethereal, strange, and eerie can be more powerful than what is tacky, gory, and overly obvious. Though both can be considered “Gothic”, you might say I align more with the school of “terror” (implicit, psychological) than the school of “horror” (explicit, violent).

So you won’t find me writing about clothes from Hot Topic, or slasher flicks, or Halloween decorations featuring half-eaten zombie babies.

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