Brothers Grimm “Homeland” and “Wanderings” photography

German photographer Kilian Schönberger captures images in remote areas of middle Europe evoking the tales of the Brothers Grimm:

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Isabella Mazzanti’s Illustrations for “Carmilla”

Artist Isabella Mazzanti has illustrated the classic vampire novella Carmilla in a French hardcover edition published in October. Her quirky illustrations are both cute and unsettling, dainty and monstrous– perfect for the paradoxical themes in the novella.  CI 1 Continue reading

A Roundup of Gothic Film Festivals in 2015

Every year there are more genre film festivals starting up and, it seems, even more shutting down. There is no permanent list of horror and gothic-themed film festivals due to this turnover rate, so I’ve compiled this list of festivals with definite event dates for 2015. Whether you’re planning to submit a film or attend the festival as a spectator, I hope this helps you navigate some of the gothic and horror film festivals this year!

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Witches and wicked bodies

Witches Engraving

Agostino Veneziano, The Witches’ Rout (The Carcass). Engraving, c. 1520.

As much as it pains me to write about all of these amazing gothically-tinged exhibits opening in the UK, I have to share this one. From the British Museum’s event page:

“This exhibition will examine the portrayal of witches and witchcraft in art from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century… Efforts to understand and interpret seemingly malevolent deeds – as well apportion blame for them and elicit confessions through hideous acts of torture – have had a place in society since classical antiquity and Biblical times. … The majority of those accused and punished for witchcraft, especially since the Reformation, have been women. They are shown as monstrous hags with devil-worshipping followers. They represent an inversion of a well-ordered society and the natural world.

Ooooh. Find out more about the exhibit, which runs until January 11, here.