A Tastefully Gothic Gift Guide

A roundup of stocking stuffers and reasonably-priced (nothing over $30!) gifts for those with a dark, elegant, whimsical sensibility. These little curiosities have a small impact on the wallet but a big stylistic presence.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.06.26 PM

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Crimson Peak: not as feminist as promised

Crimson Peak Edith Scared

I would have liked to see Crimson Peak in theaters the night it opened, but for a variety of reasons I didn’t get a chance to watch it until Halloween, which is a pretty good day to watch a Gothic film anyway!

I avoided reading any reviews of the film before watching it so I could be as unbiased as possible when forming my opinions on it, but I did have a few small preconceptions floating in the back of my mind: quotes from Del Toro I had read before the film opened about how Crimson Peak would be “feminist” and would turn some gender conventions on its head. Continue reading

Couples Costumes Inspired by Gothic Literature

Poe and Raven 1

Want to dress as a part of a gothic duo this Halloween, but don’t feel like buying sexy vampire costumes from Party City (the only thing you find when you google “gothic couples costume”)? Me neither. That’s why I’ve pulled together some couples costumes ideas plucked straight from the pages of Gothic literature. These easy-to- DIY costumes are suitable for any gender combination and will add a little bookish wit to any party you attend. Plenty of options for those of you flying solo this year, too! Scroll down for a chronological tour of literary characters.

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Eva Green as Vanessa Ives: Get the Look!

Episode 101

I think it’s safe to say that the two best things about Showtime’s Penny Dreadful are Eva Green’s incredible performance as Ms. Ives and the show’s costume/set design. Not only are Vanessa’s dresses meticulously detailed and historically accurate (unlike a lot of period dramas currently… don’t even get me started), but they actually serve as a reflection of her inner state.  Continue reading

The Bones of the Gothic: Stripping the Gothic to its Core

Gothic Bones 1

Inspired by my past few entries on Gothicism and Minimalism, I’ve decided to take a closer look at what lies at the heart of the Gothic. I tend to immediately and unconsciously label things as “Gothic” based on little more than a subjective “feel” or “mood” that I pick up on.  But I think it is important to establish some kind of objective ground rules for what constitutes the Gothic. What exact characteristics am I picking up on when I recognize a text or piece of art as Gothic?

Let’s take a look back for a second.

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Gothic Minimalism: Your Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful and in-depth comments left on a post I published last week (Gothic Minimalism: An Oxymoron?). I asked if Gothicism and Minimalism, two seemingly incompatible aesthetics, could be reconciled—and the answer seemed to be an enthusiastic yes!

Some of you gave suggestions of artists who you thought embodied a minimalist Gothic aesthetic. I thought I’d look into your recommendations and highlight them here:


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